An eerie picture from mom’s recent birthday—an empty pool while everyone was batting pinatas.

Alright, I’ve been a little slow to post of late–school’s a tad time consuming. Consider this a study break.

Albuquerque is chock full of awesome. I went home last month for my mother’s 65th and took an overdue photo tour of the stunning signs lining Central Ave, the old Route 66.

I don’t know much about the May Cafe at Louisiana and Central, but I’m sure it must have been a lumber yard at some point–or maybe a maple syrup importer. I want to think that their statue’s Paul Bunyan, but I’m afraid that upside-down mustache is decidedly Canadian. Too bad, eh?

Lewis Taylor gives me another outlet for my office supply obsession with this tabbed medicine cabinet. This is the first actionable solution I’ve found for sharing a medicine with my girlfriend (cabinet other than pulling the sitcom trick of drawing a line down the middle and staking a claim).

Keep it up.

After the jump take a look at the Shuffle concept he put together for a modular sideboard.


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Etsy seller apfelstrudel has a great collection of collage art, typefaces, and Gilded Age ephemera. I can’t explain it, but I’m made absolutely dizzy by these pages. I can’t help but think I’d giggle and clap if I came across these in the Strand’s dollar bin.