Lewis Taylor gives me another outlet for my office supply obsession with this tabbed medicine cabinet. This is the first actionable solution I’ve found for sharing a medicine with my girlfriend (cabinet other than pulling the sitcom trick of drawing a line down the middle and staking a claim).

Keep it up.

After the jump take a look at the Shuffle concept he put together for a modular sideboard.


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If only Otis didn’t gleefully destroy everything he loves most…

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Our tumble dryer shuddered to a halt last week and, while it’s pain in the ass to return to the coin-op lifestyle, I love laundromats.

The brushed aluminum, the four aging layers of linoleum, the smell of Downey freshness—it’s the perfect reading environment.

The Kwik Wash gets double points for an ice-cream sandwich vending machine and an arcade cabinet named “Video Game Fun” decorated with a hand-scrawled skull & bones.

Mini Modern chronicles an astonishing number of modern dollhouses—perfect little homes for Scarlett and Lady Jaye to settle down and adopt some little Joes.

And, yes, I believe that’s the Doctor.

As a direct follow on to Sunday’s post, NYTimes has an article up on the rise (and inevitable skyrocketing prices for) Victorian and Edwardian junk. In particular they chronicle the impeccable taste of Hollister and Porter Hovey, a pair of sisters with an exquisite collection of taxidermy, baubles, and club memorabilia.

It makes me happy for lovely things to get some press, but it’s like the stock market: the second there’s coverage on a trend, the trend is over.

Check out their stuff, it’s fantastic.

(Read: I’m nine kinds of jealous.)

Beyond their low prices, photos of Nick Cage, and the majordomo’s flamboyant suiting, lies another reason to visit Baron Kay’s Tailor in Kowloon: the coolest commode in Hong Kong. Tiled and fixtured in soothing monochrome blue, it provides stunning contrast the chaotic piled rolls of tweed, flannel, linnen, and worsted wool filling the shop. Running to the john in the middle of the day has got to feel like a dive to the bottom of a Bahaman lagoon.

A dirty Bahaman lagoon.

Surprisingly, no Tidy Bowl.

If you visit Baron Kay’s, be sure to call ahead and make a drink request—I recommend a cold sixer of Tsing Ha.

[Baron Kay's Tailor, 43 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, HK, +852 2723 2839]