Alright, I’ve been a little slow to post of late–school’s a tad time consuming. Consider this a study break.

Albuquerque is chock full of awesome. I went home last month for my mother’s 65th and took an overdue photo tour of the stunning signs lining Central Ave, the old Route 66.

I don’t know much about the May Cafe at Louisiana and Central, but I’m sure it must have been a lumber yard at some point–or maybe a maple syrup importer. I want to think that their statue’s Paul Bunyan, but I’m afraid that upside-down mustache is decidedly Canadian. Too bad, eh?

John Player & Sons cigarettes have had the most stunning packaging in the tobacco industry for decades, and it looks like their cigarette cards were just as lovely.

This set, Cycling: a Series of 50, from 1939 chronicles the history of cycling–as it was. It’s a stunning account of fashion and human ingenuity served up by the classiest pack of cigarettes on the market (or are they no longer on the market?).


I squealed like a little girl huffing helium when I saw these lovely soviet-era arcade machines.

The colors, the lines, the iron curtain bitmapped simplicity. Heaven.

If you run a translator, or get click happy, you can even play flash-based emulations of the original games.

[Via, via.]

Please give Fishs Eddy your money, they so totally deserve it.

For 25 years, Fishs Eddy has sold vintage dishware from diners, roadhouses, airlines, and their own unique new designs. About two years ago, their upper west side location closed and, as far as I can tell, they only have one location left (B’way + 19th).

I make a habit of trawling their website every few months, but seeing so many items on sale today makes me a little antsy.

Get your wallets at the ready and head on over.