Lewis Taylor gives me another outlet for my office supply obsession with this tabbed medicine cabinet. This is the first actionable solution I’ve found for sharing a medicine with my girlfriend (cabinet other than pulling the sitcom trick of drawing a line down the middle and staking a claim).

Keep it up.

After the jump take a look at the Shuffle concept he put together for a modular sideboard.


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Etsy seller apfelstrudel has a great collection of collage art, typefaces, and Gilded Age ephemera. I can’t explain it, but I’m made absolutely dizzy by these pages. I can’t help but think I’d giggle and clap if I came across these in the Strand’s dollar bin.

You have to appreciate singular obsessions.

Marie-Louise Plum (great name) tends to Favourite Graves, which unsurprisingly catalogs her favorite monuments, mausoleums, and memorials.

Good taste and a nice eye.

And a damn good one at that.

Cassandra Jones shoots multiple exposures of 35mm film, creating simple and gentle geometric arrangements that are much more interesting for their subtle chaos than a photoshop overlay would be.

Nice lines.

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John Player & Sons cigarettes have had the most stunning packaging in the tobacco industry for decades, and it looks like their cigarette cards were just as lovely.

This set, Cycling: a Series of 50, from 1939 chronicles the history of cycling–as it was. It’s a stunning account of fashion and human ingenuity served up by the classiest pack of cigarettes on the market (or are they no longer on the market?).