Two things:

First, Austin is awful pretty. An overgrown Albuquerque, or maybe New Orleans without the decay. Pretty houses. Lots of pretty houses. Victorians, Craftsmen, saltine box mid-century ranch houses, and blocky modern experiments. And so many Airstreams. Awesome.

Second, the camera on the 3GS isn’t half bad…in broad daylight.

perfect Hitchcock house

postcard from Michael WIlliams' America

wow, pea soup looks good

couldn't you see hemmingway living here?

6 Responses to “austin is pretty.”

  1. Putri says:

    Overall, I liked the show. I loved the look of the Dollhouse – so space agey and also sinister. I’m intiugred about how Echo became a doll – how they recruit these women, or kidnap them? I LOVE Eliza, so am happy to see her on t.v. again as well as seeing a new Joss Whedon show! I had thought in what I had heard about the show (which wasn’t too much as I don’t read spoilers) that the idea of the doll was that they were perfect, that they had no faults and were programmed to do exactly what was needed for the client. So my interest was piqued when the memory wiper guy was discussing how the dolls were created for a certain situation to Echo’s handler. The fact that because they are a combination of personalities they have all the vitues and strengths and faults and weaknesses of those personalities and as such, do have weaknesses that can come through and botch things. It was pretty creepy when part of her personality recognized the kidnapper as her previous kidnapper and knew exactly what he was going to do and the amount of fear that was a part of her because of it.I really like Echo’s handler and think that the chemistry between him and Echo is great – it’s like he sees her as a daughter that he needs to protect – it’s more than just a job and I think that he genuinely cares for her and is worried about the effect these memory wipes have on her – I think that he will be an integral part to Echo finding out more once she has some of her memory of her true life come back to her – but odd that the overseer of the dollhouse is already leery about him and how loyal he is to the dollhouse.I was also a little lost like Nikki on the guy trying to find the dollhouse and how that investigation has come about, how he knows about it, etc. Look forward to learning more about that in future episodes.And I think that I was a little lost near the end as well when that guy was sitting naked on the coffee table watching videos of Echo, which I get were pre-dollhouse…?? I assume someone is looking for her, but is obviously violent given the dead bodies at the location – is it some client who’s gone looney and wants to find her?? I’m sure there’s some obvious plot point I’ve missed here…if someone can enlighten me?I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode!

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