Our tumble dryer shuddered to a halt last week and, while it’s pain in the ass to return to the coin-op lifestyle, I love laundromats.

The brushed aluminum, the four aging layers of linoleum, the smell of Downey freshness—it’s the perfect reading environment.

The Kwik Wash gets double points for an ice-cream sandwich vending machine and an arcade cabinet named “Video Game Fun” decorated with a hand-scrawled skull & bones.

Peter Pan Golf, est. 1948

Amazing, right?

Watch out, Peter!

Two things:

First, Austin is awful pretty. An overgrown Albuquerque, or maybe New Orleans without the decay. Pretty houses. Lots of pretty houses. Victorians, Craftsmen, saltine box mid-century ranch houses, and blocky modern experiments. And so many Airstreams. Awesome.

Second, the camera on the 3GS isn’t half bad…in broad daylight.

perfect Hitchcock house

postcard from Michael WIlliams' America

wow, pea soup looks good

couldn't you see hemmingway living here?