So many beautiful things to eat.

This Is Why You’re Fat is often a gut-churning parade of flash-fried meat and cheese abominations, but once every dozen posts I come across these lovely breakfast desserts.

Cap’n Crunch + chocolate sauce, caramel + pancakes, waffles + ice cream, that’s the life for me, boys.

Diabetes is gonna be a bitch.

Graceful and restrained, the Electro Chef brings all the style and convenience of the modern kitchen into your newly wired shack or one-room tenement.

This is what hot plates dream of becoming when they grow up.

Also, “Electro Chef” is a pretty bitchin name for a robot.

[Electro Chef--Via]

Just came across these shoes from Finsk. Great lines, good form, and all of them made from remnant leather and sustainable hardwoods.

I’m never a fan of open toes on women’s shoes, but I just can’t crap on these.


Beyond their low prices, photos of Nick Cage, and the majordomo’s flamboyant suiting, lies another reason to visit Baron Kay’s Tailor in Kowloon: the coolest commode in Hong Kong. Tiled and fixtured in soothing monochrome blue, it provides stunning contrast the chaotic piled rolls of tweed, flannel, linnen, and worsted wool filling the shop. Running to the john in the middle of the day has got to feel like a dive to the bottom of a Bahaman lagoon.

A dirty Bahaman lagoon.

Surprisingly, no Tidy Bowl.

If you visit Baron Kay’s, be sure to call ahead and make a drink request—I recommend a cold sixer of Tsing Ha.

[Baron Kay's Tailor, 43 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, HK, +852 2723 2839]

Pete Verrando’s patent pending CD turntables are just lovely. I don’t think CDs will ever spark the nostalgia and longing that so many feel for vinyl, but this is certainly a step in that direction.

A damn good looking step too.

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This is totally going on my desk.