John Player & Sons cigarettes have had the most stunning packaging in the tobacco industry for decades, and it looks like their cigarette cards were just as lovely.

This set, Cycling: a Series of 50, from 1939 chronicles the history of cycling–as it was. It’s a stunning account of fashion and human ingenuity served up by the classiest pack of cigarettes on the market (or are they no longer on the market?).


I love the weight and gravity of an old lightswitch. Feeling that *chock* as it snaps into place restores a feeling of wonder about the use of electricity. It means something more when light requires the extra effort, and it commands more attention when the switchplate protrudes from the wall. It’s not a seamless, hidden, color-matched plastic convenience, but an honest-to-god appliance. And rather than being the means to an end, use of the switch is an end in and of itself.

That, and I can’t help but love the pressed steel body and stubby brown switch.

Graceful and restrained, the Electro Chef brings all the style and convenience of the modern kitchen into your newly wired shack or one-room tenement.

This is what hot plates dream of becoming when they grow up.

Also, “Electro Chef” is a pretty bitchin name for a robot.

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Pete Verrando’s patent pending CD turntables are just lovely. I don’t think CDs will ever spark the nostalgia and longing that so many feel for vinyl, but this is certainly a step in that direction.

A damn good looking step too.

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Not to sound all BDSM, but why do I love leather + metal? They’re everything that I find so beautiful in old cameras, luggage, desk sets. Something smooth and something to grip, utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing, and they only get better with age.

Two new devices that match the profile, the Factron Quattro, an iphone case with lens attachments, and the Asprey Clic Clac, a $750 travel clock.

Keep em coming.