It’s smooth, it’s sleek, and it’s the perfect thing to hide all those clumsy remotes, wiimotes, and controllers.

[Cockpit Table by Marc Venot]

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  1. Carly says:

    Nice job with the article Kit! To the rest of the crew have a look at this, this is how we need to csotnruct the front part of the site. As for the cockpit demo, I have a lot more pictures that I’ve taken through this process, and will be posting a full write-up on the process and what each step looks like.Now to figure out how to re-organize these posts!

  2. Kendrew says:

    Hey. I am an flash developer from NYC and I just tuenrd 34 about a month ago. I have been working in the city for about 12 years and as a freelance developer I have been on the lookout looking for a way to corral you into one of my projects, but have been unsuccessful so far. I studied 3D animation at NYU about 4 yrs ago, I can send you a link to my thesis if you want (not looking to advertise on your site w/o permission). I think I found you through a loose connection to Nick Bruno (he was a year ahead of me). I tried to get into the 3D world after graduation (definitely was looking at Blue Sky because I wanted to stay on the East Coast), but I settled back into Flash. All is good. I am expecting my first child in September. That sums it up, except for the fact that I am huge fan of your talent. Keep up the great work.Mike

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