As a direct follow on to Sunday’s post, NYTimes has an article up on the rise (and inevitable skyrocketing prices for) Victorian and Edwardian junk. In particular they chronicle the impeccable taste of Hollister and Porter Hovey, a pair of sisters with an exquisite collection of taxidermy, baubles, and club memorabilia.

It makes me happy for lovely things to get some press, but it’s like the stock market: the second there’s coverage on a trend, the trend is over.

Check out their stuff, it’s fantastic.

(Read: I’m nine kinds of jealous.)

It’s smooth, it’s sleek, and it’s the perfect thing to hide all those clumsy remotes, wiimotes, and controllers.

[Cockpit Table by Marc Venot]

Olive green leather eames. Just lovely and only $120. I may be driving a semi back to the Bay.

This is the first flat panel that makes me want to plop down on the carpet in my footie pajamas with a big bowl of cereal and watch some serious cartoons. Maybe even some Howdy Doody.

Hot damn.

[M21 Flat Panel Console--Via]

Really, it just makes me want to break out the chalk line and start painting things at right angles and 45s.

The stark lines turn what would be an Ikea-alike table into something special. And it gives you an idea of what it’s like to shop for furniture with Superman.

In my Brooklyn apartment, I used to tack stuffed animals and toys to the walls and trace their changing shadows throughout the day–every wall felt like an x-ray. Awesome effect.

[James Tooze of batchdesign, via Core77]