Our tumble dryer shuddered to a halt last week and, while it’s pain in the ass to return to the coin-op lifestyle, I love laundromats.

The brushed aluminum, the four aging layers of linoleum, the smell of Downey freshness—it’s the perfect reading environment.

The Kwik Wash gets double points for an ice-cream sandwich vending machine and an arcade cabinet named “Video Game Fun” decorated with a hand-scrawled skull & bones.

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  1. Trabelsi says:

    I thought you might say that! I’m happy to be wrong and you’re ceitarnly right that there’s a lot more bandwagon jumping going on than this, especially on the high street (I wrote about this too not so long ago). I will openly admit that J.Lindeberg are one of those brands that I’ve never been into (I’m more of a Jill Sander/Margiela man). With regard to the future being tech – it’s being going that way for years, this whole ‘heritage’ trend is just a blip in that (but there are plenty of brands that also combine the two).Doesn’t the high street essentially follow higher fashion trends? So if you have brands like this who aren’t really moving things forward (compare this to what Raf’s doing for instance, hell at least KVH is trying different stuff at Dior) then we’ll continue to have stores full of workwear, like I wrote last week, are we styling ourselves into a corner?Yeah I love workwear, the military influence etc, I’ve been wearing a Barbour for half my life (and they weren’t cool when I was a lad, they just kept you dry when you were out in the rain), it’s a part of my upbringing as a Northern monkey that grew up on a farm that I’ve begun to embrace but I mix it up with everythign else. I’m amazed it’s become ‘fashion’ if that makes sense.This is a pub debate in the making, I need to shift my hangover first though, I’m rambling aren’t I.

  2. Thanks for spending time on the computer (writing) so others don’t have to.

  3. That’s really thinking at a high level

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