John Player & Sons cigarettes have had the most stunning packaging in the tobacco industry for decades, and it looks like their cigarette cards were just as lovely.

This set, Cycling: a Series of 50, from 1939 chronicles the history of cycling–as it was. It’s a stunning account of fashion and human ingenuity served up by the classiest pack of cigarettes on the market (or are they no longer on the market?).


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  1. Annifach says:

    , i’m also abit sceptical about the faicrbs, if they’re good then the suit could be a great buy (depending on the fit). i will hopefully be able to get the the trafford centre on the day of release. the item i’m most interested in seeing the the victorian dress in the ladies section, hopefully my gf will be able to try that thumbs are up for collaborations, as they’re are usually affordable for me more so.

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