For the past two years I’ve found it a rare treat every time a new post goes up on Hi + Low, graphic designer Abby Clawson Low’s catalog of wonderful things. Her red, white, and blue compositions, love of office supplies, and use of clean, human layouts are endlessly charming.


Also, she recently co-founded a ladies clothing line, Harvey Faircloth, with a pretty hot vintage-inspired collection.


Aptly named Etsy seller i made you a beard makes and sells stunning prosthetic beards, stickers, and doctored photographs.

Keep it up.

For Janine, who’s always loved her beards.


Austin kids do not mess around. At nearly three stories tall, this thing is high enough to break your legs, but would make for a pretty bitchin hideaway. I bet a water balloon bombardment from up there could bring your enemies to their knees.

No girls allowed.