For the past two years I’ve found it a rare treat every time a new post goes up on Hi + Low, graphic designer Abby Clawson Low’s catalog of wonderful things. Her red, white, and blue compositions, love of office supplies, and use of clean, human layouts are endlessly charming.


Also, she recently co-founded a ladies clothing line, Harvey Faircloth, with a pretty hot vintage-inspired collection.

As a direct follow on to Sunday’s post, NYTimes has an article up on the rise (and inevitable skyrocketing prices for) Victorian and Edwardian junk. In particular they chronicle the impeccable taste of Hollister and Porter Hovey, a pair of sisters with an exquisite collection of taxidermy, baubles, and club memorabilia.

It makes me happy for lovely things to get some press, but it’s like the stock market: the second there’s coverage on a trend, the trend is over.

Check out their stuff, it’s fantastic.

(Read: I’m nine kinds of jealous.)

These unblemished treasures came from a warehouse full of deadstock toys. I like the boxes, but take the jump for a look at the toys.

[Thanks to Mike at Citywide]

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More pretty boxes and tin toys.

I wish I had more little things that required boxing, or enough surface area in my home to set the things.

[Thanks again to Mike at Citywide]

When choosing your home syrup, be sure to choose the one with an out-of-this-world taste.

Galaxy Home Syrups…for Soft Drinks

[Thanks, Mike]

Olive green leather eames. Just lovely and only $120. I may be driving a semi back to the Bay.