These unblemished treasures came from a warehouse full of deadstock toys. I like the boxes, but take the jump for a look at the toys.

[Thanks to Mike at Citywide]

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More pretty boxes and tin toys.

I wish I had more little things that required boxing, or enough surface area in my home to set the things.

[Thanks again to Mike at Citywide]

When choosing your home syrup, be sure to choose the one with an out-of-this-world taste.

Galaxy Home Syrups…for Soft Drinks

[Thanks, Mike]

Olive green leather eames. Just lovely and only $120. I may be driving a semi back to the Bay.

Austin’s Citywide Garagesale is a twinkling parade of treasures. Sixty sellers and several thousand square feet of bric-a-brac to bleed your wallet and fill your shelves. Leave your credit cards at home and bring your A-game.

This cowboy milk jug shoots milk all over your Wheaties. (Not as dirty as it sounds.)