Please give Fishs Eddy your money, they so totally deserve it.

For 25 years, Fishs Eddy has sold vintage dishware from diners, roadhouses, airlines, and their own unique new designs. About two years ago, their upper west side location closed and, as far as I can tell, they only have one location left (B’way + 19th).

I make a habit of trawling their website every few months, but seeing so many items on sale today makes me a little antsy.

Get your wallets at the ready and head on over.

If only Otis didn’t gleefully destroy everything he loves most…

[Via, via, via.]

Dezeen points out this incredible calendar from Spanish designer Oscar Diaz. It uses the capillary action of ink spreading across paper to slowly reveal the date.

I know that this can’t possibly work (without the ink drying out and/or staining the hell out of your walls), but it’s a lovely idea.

Mini Modern chronicles an astonishing number of modern dollhouses—perfect little homes for Scarlett and Lady Jaye to settle down and adopt some little Joes.

And, yes, I believe that’s the Doctor.


Aptly named Etsy seller i made you a beard makes and sells stunning prosthetic beards, stickers, and doctored photographs.

Keep it up.

For Janine, who’s always loved her beards.


I love the weight and gravity of an old lightswitch. Feeling that *chock* as it snaps into place restores a feeling of wonder about the use of electricity. It means something more when light requires the extra effort, and it commands more attention when the switchplate protrudes from the wall. It’s not a seamless, hidden, color-matched plastic convenience, but an honest-to-god appliance. And rather than being the means to an end, use of the switch is an end in and of itself.

That, and I can’t help but love the pressed steel body and stubby brown switch.