Austin’s Citywide Garagesale is a twinkling parade of treasures. Sixty sellers and several thousand square feet of bric-a-brac to bleed your wallet and fill your shelves. Leave your credit cards at home and bring your A-game.

This cowboy milk jug shoots milk all over your Wheaties. (Not as dirty as it sounds.)

This is the first flat panel that makes me want to plop down on the carpet in my footie pajamas with a big bowl of cereal and watch some serious cartoons. Maybe even some Howdy Doody.

Hot damn.

[M21 Flat Panel Console--Via]

The family ranchhouse, |G|, outside Pozo, California is a goddamn American treasure.

Exhibit A.

Perhaps the most amazing and sinister looking bottle opener, I’ve ever seen.

Really, it just makes me want to break out the chalk line and start painting things at right angles and 45s.

The stark lines turn what would be an Ikea-alike table into something special. And it gives you an idea of what it’s like to shop for furniture with Superman.

In my Brooklyn apartment, I used to tack stuffed animals and toys to the walls and trace their changing shadows throughout the day–every wall felt like an x-ray. Awesome effect.

[James Tooze of batchdesign, via Core77]

I’ve been drooling over these for years. One day I’ll start pinching the pennies needed to commission a set.

Scott uses wood, glass, and old vinyl records make some of the best glasses I’ve ever seen.

Buying a pair of glasses is like choosing a facial feature, and every pair Scott makes is as unique as the owner. Nice stuff. Please keep it up.

[photo credit, urban spectacles]