The ever lovely Archival Clothing uncovered an article on the 1938 Everest attempt led by a Mr. H. W. Tilman.

I love the gators and patch pockets, buttoned jacket and a bucket hat over the oxygen apparatus.
Such a treat.

[Archival Expedition: Everest 1938]

So many beautiful things to eat.

This Is Why You’re Fat is often a gut-churning parade of flash-fried meat and cheese abominations, but once every dozen posts I come across these lovely breakfast desserts.

Cap’n Crunch + chocolate sauce, caramel + pancakes, waffles + ice cream, that’s the life for me, boys.

Diabetes is gonna be a bitch.

Graceful and restrained, the Electro Chef brings all the style and convenience of the modern kitchen into your newly wired shack or one-room tenement.

This is what hot plates dream of becoming when they grow up.

Also, “Electro Chef” is a pretty bitchin name for a robot.

[Electro Chef--Via]

More pretty boxes and tin toys.

I wish I had more little things that required boxing, or enough surface area in my home to set the things.

[Thanks again to Mike at Citywide]

Not to sound all BDSM, but why do I love leather + metal? They’re everything that I find so beautiful in old cameras, luggage, desk sets. Something smooth and something to grip, utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing, and they only get better with age.

Two new devices that match the profile, the Factron Quattro, an iphone case with lens attachments, and the Asprey Clic Clac, a $750 travel clock.

Keep em coming.



Olive green leather eames. Just lovely and only $120. I may be driving a semi back to the Bay.